NetCrunch Updates

Upgrade Subscription, Maintenance and Support

Network monitoring is a special kind of software that needs more attention so we'd like to share our view on the subject.

NetCrunch works with many hardware and software components. It's a complex project consisting of many million lines of code. It includes many open source and third-party software components. As NetCrunch talks to many hardware vendors that regularly update their software, it requires careful testing and an on-site lab. Updating monitoring software is as important as updating any other system software because of compatibility issues caused by vendor upgrades and security updates.

For example, NetCrunch connects or uses OpenSSH and OpenSSL, which require several patches a year. As some ciphers become obsolete, it might be impossible to connect to the updated system or device without updating NetCrunch first.

Because compatibility testing is an expensive process, and we want to evolve our product fast to satisfy our customer needs, we have decided to support only one latest and greatest software version.


We provide support regularly through email and sometimes by the phone. We appreciate your help in chasing rare compatibility issues or in reproducing the bug in our test environment. Please visit our support page for more information.


We provide updates several times a year; mostly, they come with new features but occasionally contain only fixes. Our main policy is to fix bugs first. The number of fixes shows the tip of the iceberg. However, as NetCrunch runs on multiple projects and technologies such as NodeJS, Chromium, WebKit, Python, and OpenSSL, add many fixes to each release.

New Feature Upgrades

In the latest year, we have added over 100 significant new features, and over 50 of them are extending monitoring capabilities. We are also updating support for existing monitors and improving NetCrunch performance and stability. We always make sure to enhance the existing feature set to extend existing customer experience.

NetCrunch Update History

We know you like charts, so here is the chart of NetCrunch updates in the last three years. Please note that we release updates regularly, and they include a lot of new features. Besides feature releases, we also provide maintenance releases containing mostly fixes and improvements. Overall, it's usually 4 to 8 releases a year.