High-Availability NetCrunch on Microsoft Failover Clustering

See how you can maintain NetCrunch as a highly available application in a Microsoft virtualization environment

System Health and Monitoring tools are being included in the list of core business services considered critical to operations. Being able to know when any system or component is down, or performance may be degraded, is key to ensuring availability and meeting rigorous SLA's. Whether it's accommodating scheduled or 'zero-day' maintenance, or meeting fail-over requirements as part of Business Continuity, NetCrunch in High-Availability is ready.

Designed to run on a VM

NetCrunch is fully compatible with virtualization and can be set up on a Virtual Machine(VM). Advantages associated with virtualization and the use of virtual machines include NetCrunch's ability to handle hardware failures using Microsoft Failover Clustering or Fault Tolerance (FT) provided by VMware.

NetCrunch - HA configuration steps

The provided document details the installation and configuration steps required to install NetCrunch 9.3.3 and configure high-availability using Microsoft Failover Clustering on Windows Server 2012R2/2016.

Download NetCrunch High Availability Guide

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