alexa Customer Success Stories - See How They Use NetCrunch!

Customer Success Stories

USA Aloha Cabled Observatory

Aloha Cabled Observatory

“We were very surprised by the ease of setup and the depth of monitoring possible with NetCrunch.”

Spain Axión - Red de Banda Ancha de Andalucía S.A.

Axión - Red de Banda Ancha de Andalucía S.A.

“With NetCrunch we can faster identify root cause of the problem in our network; and the software gives us detailed network performance reports”.

Italy Bitways S.r.l

Bitways S.r.l

“I really recommend NetCrunch as it is easy to use, intuitive and you only need basic network knowledge to understand and set up its functionality.”

USA Caribou Coffee Company, Inc.

Caribou Coffee Company, Inc.

"One of our core values at Caribou is that 'The customer always comes first, everything else waits'. NetCrunch has helped us make sure that our stores are serving customers first and not worrying about network outages."

Israel Cellcom LTD

Cellcom LTD

“The features that distinguish NetCrunch from other solutions are its agentless capabilities and the powerful, customizable dashboard with real- time network views.”

Mexico Comisión Federal de Electricidad

Comisión Federal de Electricidad

“Now that we have implemented NetCrunch, we have full knowledge of each and every one of the events that happen in our equipment and we know the traffic that passes through our networks. This allowed us to classify and prioritize critical applications’ monitoring. When we see an over-utilized node, we can take preventive or corrective actions that allow us to keep our networks running without interruption”.

USA Clovis Municipal School

Clovis Municipal School

"Now, I know exactly where the problem is located. I can direct a technician to that spot without having to second-guess. NetCrunch saves us a lot of time."

USA COF Training Services, Inc.

COF Training Services, Inc.

“Anyone looking for one tool to monitor any size network would be money ahead by using NetCrunch with all the monitoring tools and reporting capabilities that it offers.”

Germany Comet Schleifscheiben GmbH

Comet Schleifscheiben GmbH

„With NetCrunch by AdRem, I can focus onother tasks throughout the day and still be sure that I will be well informed about the system and network conditions.”

Italy Conforama Italia and Emmezeta Moda

Conforama Italia and Emmezeta Moda

“I would recommend NetCrunch to both IT administrators and IT manager. Advanced alerting and reporting capabilities of NetCrunch allow me to concentrate on strategic issues and make informed decisions for budgeting and network expansion planning.”

USA Decypher Technologies

Decypher Technologies

"We have researched other software before NetCrunch, but no others were as robust"

USA Diagnostica Stago Inc.

Diagnostica Stago Inc.

“We needed a comprehensive monitoring tool that would provide a good visual element for our network layout, as well as the alarms and warnings to monitor our data center. Prior to selecting NetCrunch, I tried WhatsUp Gold from IPSwitch but it did not have the necessary depth of features available.”

USA doeLegal


“We needed a product that was easy to install and easy to use that would allow our staff to monitor all devices through one application.  This application gave our staff the ability to manage incidents quickly and efficiently by seeing, and being alerted of, incidents when they occur”.

Netherlands De Twentse Zorgcentra

De Twentse Zorgcentra

“NetCrunch helped us big time by finding the problem with a main HRM application that we use. The supplier pointed to our network being the cause of the problem, but with NetCrunch we were able to trace the problem back to the application itself. Thank you for that. ”

France Fédération Bancaire Française

Fédération Bancaire Française

“[NetCrunch is] a product which is easy to install and configure and does not need a powerful server. It works really simply and efficiently”.

Canada Granite Club

Granite Club

“I would highly recommend this software to any company that thinks Network Monitoring and Inventory Control Management software has to cost tens of thousands of dollars to be good! This product ROCKS!”

USA Heyworth Community Unit School District

Heyworth Community Unit School District

"The challenge it helped us with was to allow me to have free time.  I have never taken a vacation where I felt at ease leaving, before I installed NetCrunch."

Japan Hiroshima University of Economics

Hiroshima University of Economics

“With NetCrunch, it has become possible for us to find out quickly which area of network or devices are affected by failure. Before the deployment of NetCrunch, we could not grasp the whole picture. NetCrunch allows us to see whether all our network devices and servers are running without any problems.”

Japan JA Ishikawa Densan Center

JA Ishikawa Densan Center

“In addition to being cost-effective, it it is so simple and easy to create and maintain maps and atlas of monitored nodes in our network. Before NetCrunch, had to manually set up machines, and this tedious work is not necessary anymore.”

USA University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky

"Our WAN people were so impressed by this tool that they are looking at it for the entire network. The program they've spent thousands of dollars on takes forever to setup and doesn't give them everything that NetCrunch gives me in a timely manner."

Italy Comune of Sestri Levante

Comune of Sestri Levante

“...NetCrunch surprised us with its powerful performance monitoring and network visualization capabilities. We have not found anything in our network that we cannot monitor with NetCrunch.”

USA Lompoc Unified School District

Lompoc Unified School District

"In minutes this program scanned the remote networks, found all the SNMP-enabled devices, told me what services and software were installed, put them on the map, and drew a nice network structure, all automatically. I didn't know that it would do everything!"

France City Hall of Marchiennes

City Hall of Marchiennes

“I am really satisfied with NetCrunch; it is actually a real 'colleague'. I can count on it because it helps me every day. Without it, it would be impossible for me to monitor all the necessary services.”

Mexico Marhnos, S.A. de C.V.

Marhnos, S.A. de C.V.

“Now we can monitor the network automatically and in real time. NetCrunch generates actions and reports. It also compiles statistics for us to get reports on CPU usage, memory, servers, hard disk, and so on. At the same time, the program is easy to use and has a great adaptability to our network monitoring needs”.

Germany MEA Meisinger Group

MEA Meisinger Group

"Before NetCrunch, we had to use multiple vendor-specific tools to glean the current status of different devices. With NetCrunch, that's not a problem. A quick look at a map shows you the malfunctioning hosts. By clicking on the problem device, you can drill down to very detailed performance statistics without having to worry about what kind of device it is, or what system it is running. "

USA Hospice Care Of Southwest

Hospice Care Of Southwest

"NetCrunch is like insurance - we need it to be able to identify problems that we hope will never happen. But of course, problems do happen and it's better to know earlier. That's why I would recommend NetCrunch as the tool for proactive monitoring of the activity of network devices."

Germany County of Neunkirchen

County of Neunkirchen

“With AdRem NetCrunch we could switch from reaction to action. We can now find the issues sooner and resolve them even faster”.

Finland Plus Verkot Oy

Plus Verkot Oy

“We upgraded from version 4 straight to version 6 and are happy to say we are extremely pleased with the new features in the program as well as with the easy and speedy deployment.”

AustriaNNOMS Schrems Middle School

NNOMS Schrems Middle School

NetCrunch did not only fulfill my expectations, but has surpassed them greatly.

Canada The Lord Selkirk School Division

The Lord Selkirk School Division

"We had spent a considerable amount of time evaluating NetCrunch and another tool called WhatsUp Gold and found the former to be the leader due to its superior graphical monitoring capabilities and a friendlier user interface. With one look at NetCrunch, its ability to open one console and know exactly what's happening on the network, we knew it was a necessity. "

United Kingdom Peter Symonds College

Peter Symonds College

“NetCrunch acts as another member of staff, keeping a constant eye on our wired and wireless network infrastructure and server estate.”

Poland UNICEF Polish National Commitee

UNICEF Polish National Commitee

“We hadn’t been receiving any information about network problems with network services served by our servers (DNS, DHCP, MySQL). Monitoring and reporting offered by NetCrunch successfully resolved that issue”.