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Buckland Customs Brokers - NetCrunch Success Story



With NetCrunch, it has become possible for us to quickly find out which area of our IT Infrastructure is affected by a failure. Prior to the deployment of NetCrunch our manual checks on key systems were only performed once per day, we’re now able to monitor 24/7 and alert when needed.

Kevin Schieck, Manager, IT Service & Support, Buckland, Canada

Key Benefits:

  • simple and quick installation and configuration
  • excellent monitoring granularity
  • visualization on a large monitoring screen

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The Challenge

At Buckland, we were facing the challenges that come with rapid growth while operating in a faced past industry, along with the complexity of a workforce of over 250 employees across North America. Manual daily monitoring activities of all IT infrastructure and sites was consuming 5-10 hours per week of IT time. Not only was this affecting our ability to quickly react or detect issues, but team morale was being impacted by this ever-increasing demand.

The Solution

When we started our evaluation of the products on the market, there was immediate disappointment with the offerings we evaluated. Prior to trying NetCrunch, we tried some of the more popular monitoring tools such as What’s Up Gold, however we were not impressed. The time to install, configuration complexity and general support were found to be poor. Installation and configuration of NetCrunch was simple and quick, within hours we were up and running. NetCrunch also offered us the monitoring granularity to watch our in-house applications and create custom alerts which provided a great deal of value to our team We are currently monitoring several hundred servers and utilizing a number of key features within NetCrunch. A monitoring screen has been installed in our support area which provides us the ability to quickly see what’s happening in our environments. All of this has led to an immediate return on investment, improved staff morale and much needed visibility into our IT infrastructures.

About Buckland

For over 70 years Buckland has been working to help companies across the world experience global trade in a better way. In order to make you feel like your individual requirements are met and your shipping concerns are always getting the personal attention they deserve, we employ a unique approach to global trade that focuses on combining trusted technologies and talented people that know how to use them. As a customer-focused company, we provide you with a single source of unmatched Customs Brokerage (Canadian, US, Mexican), Trade Managed Solutions, Freight Forwarding, Trade Technologies and Warehousing/Distribution Services.