AdRem Software

Support Rules and Procedures

Contacting Technical Support

Online Support Resources

This service is available to all customers. The website delivers 24x7 access to an online Knowledge Base, articles, documentation and other problem-solving resources. These Web resources provide you with the quickest solution to the most common technical support issues.


This service is only available to customers with a valid Upgrade Subscription plan or those within the product's evaluation period. To speed up your problem resolution, we recommend trying the online form available in the Support section of the website. Choose the product for which you would like to submit a support request and enter the applicable information.

Phone Support

This service is only available to customers with an valid Extended Support plan. During the product's trial evaluation period, we recommend using eSupport.

Regular Support Hours

For US customers our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (EST).
For European customers, our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (CET).

During national holidays, the support department may not be available.

Response Times

A response means that we answer your call or email and acknowledge your issue. In some cases, we may need to obtain additional information from you in order to resolve the issue. Sometimes additional testing, research, or consulting with our developers may be needed. Our goal is to respond to your request within two business days.


What You Can Expect From Us

Technical Support reserves the right to request a customer upgrade to the current version to resolve a known problem or technical issue.

Providing technical support does not imply that AdRem Software will fix software defects or make modifications to the software.

Issues arising from a need for training, implementation services, and customization will be referred to the appropriate department, in order to contract appropriate services for your specific need

What We Expect From You

We expect that you'll have our product installed on a supported platform, as outlined in the system requirements.

What We Cover

Full coverage with eSupport and Phone support is available for all customers with a current Upgrade Subscription or those who are within the product's evaluation period.

Currently supported product versions are listed on our support page.

What We Do Not Cover

AdRem Software does not offer support for:

  • Products for which support has been withdrawn
  • Discontinued products
  • Issues that have been fixed in the latest release of the product (when the customer is using an older software version)
  • Issues related to Operating Systems and third-party applications
  • Issues related to newer versions of Operating Systems that were released after the current major version of your AdRem product
  • Alternations or revisions to the AdRem Software solutions made by the customer
  • Alpha and beta versions of AdRem Software solutions
  • Free AdRem Software products and tools

Pre-purchase inquires: All pre-purchase inquiries should be sent using the support request form.

Product Version Upgrades

Customers with a valid Upgrade Subscription can download product updates from customer portal at

Users of 30-day trial versions of the software can download updates released within their 30-day testing period from the download page.