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Comprehensive Monitoring

Without installing any agents, NetCrunch can monitor your entire network out of the box. It can also be easily extended with scripts and custom agents using REST API.

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure Devices

Monitor network services, switches, routers, bandwidth and traffic flow. Easily monitor up/down status, files, web, IP SLA and more. Use built-in Netflow/sFlow analyzer with Cisco NBAR support to analyze traffic structure. View switch port mapping and layer 2 maps. Full SNMP support with a MIB compiler and 3500+ MIBs included.

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Servers, Applications and Virtualization

Monitor Windows, VMware ESXi, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and BSD servers and workstations. Monitor virtual machines, files, folders, web pages. Run custom scripts or simply send performance or status data over HTTP using a simple REST API. Manage status, logs and performance of systems.

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Monitoring Systems and Application
Alerting and Event Log Management

Alerting and Event Management

Receive alerts from SNMP traps, syslog messages or web messages. Collect Windows Event Log and monitor text logs using parsing expressions. Use advanced alert correlation and conditional alerts. Let NetCrunch trigger corrective actions including remote execution. Set various triggers on performance parameters.

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Rich Visualization

While checking a node state you can also see its physical connections, and all views which include this node. In one click you can explore switch ports, VLANs, and connections.

Nodes Dashboard

Node Status Overview

For small number of nodes (up to 50) you can get detailed view of each node.


Summary View

Get a comprehensive view into the status of a group of nodes (or entire network).

NetCrunch Flows Dashboard

Flow dashboard

It shows current network traffic structure and allows for deeper traffic analysis including application and protocol analysis.

Switch Traffic Volume

Switch Traffic Volume

See traffic volume and average traffic speed in last hour or 24 hours.

Top Charts

Top Charts

Customizable dashboard by default includes charts such as: Top Problem and Slow Responding Nodes, Network Traffic, and Most Loaded Nodes.

Switch Traffic

Pending Alerts

NetCrunch correlates alerts so you can focus on pending alerts instead of searching through event logs.

GrafCrunch Dashboard


A fork of the open source project Grafana. It greatly increases the possibilities of creating live dashboards presenting data from multiple sources.


Map Widgets

Transform your network maps into live dashboards using NetCrunch widgets that display performance parameters, statuses and alert states.

Performance View

Performance Views

NetCrunch built-in performance views allow tracking performance metrics in a real time.

Genseric Piegay

"We have found in NetCrunch a complete monitoring tool which is very effective in adapting to our IT needs. NetCrunch offers powerful native network mapping and configuration capabilities, both effective and granular. "

  • Genséric Piegay
  • IT Manager
  • Groupe Thermcross

Amir Fishler

"The features that distinguish NetCrunch from other solutions are its agent-less capabilities and the powerful, customizable dashboard with real- time network views."

  • Amir Fishler
  • System engineering team leader
  • Cellcom LTD

Why NetCrunch

See what makes NetCrunch so special among other monitoring tools!

Want to learn more?

Let us show you the features of NetCrunch in a live presentation. We'd be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Key Features

NetCrunch is enterprise-scalable, very extensible and easily deploys to a high level of functionality

Easy to Install and to Maintain

NetCrunch Server is 64-bit application that runs on Windows Server and does not need any extra hardware. 4 GB RAM and 4 Cores is enough to start. It can run on Virtual Machine and works great with VMware high availability cluster.

Policy Based Configuration

Monitoring settings can be managed using Monitoring Packs which define performance metrics, triggers, and events to be monitored. They can be assigned by rules.

Flexible and Scalable

NetCrunch perfectly utilizes multi-core server architecture, where it can scale up to 1,000,000 performance metrics and up to 3,000 monitored nodes on a single machine.

Simple, per node licensing

NetCrunch comes with its own database server, so no additional hardware or license is needed. Single node always counts as a single node, regardless of the number of sensors, services or applications being monitored on it.


Working with Jira, slack, Trello or pagerduty? NetCrunch has a full two-way integration with many (21) popular collaboration and project management platforms.

NetCrunch can create tickets, as well as respond to closed tickets.

Quality Support

We release NetCrunch regularly, adding new features in every minor release.

Our in-house engineers provide worldwide tech support. Support requests are answered in less than 24 hrs on business days.

Wolfgan Seel

"Thanks to the inheritance function and monitoring packs in NetCrunch, laborious configuration of every single node is the past now."

  • Wolfgang Seel
  • Administrator
  • Landkreis Neunkirchen


"The views in new NetCrunch are so easy to follow and work with. The design of the GUI is definitely very intuitive."

  • Yasuhiko Nagahara
  • Manager
  • Information Center, Hiroshima University of Economics, Japan

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