Monitoring Redefined

Effortlessly adaptable and scalable, NetCrunch monitors over 675 targets with thousands of alerting conditions right out of the box, ensuring comprehensive and seamless network management.


The Pillars of NetCrunch Monitoring

  • network Network Infrastructure Monitoring Network Device Monitoring, Server Monitoring, Hardware Monitoring, and Uptime Monitoring (Checks) for comprehensive oversight of physical and virtual network infrastructures Explore.

  • cloud Application & Service Monitoring Includes Cloud Monitoring, Web & SSL Certificate Monitoring, Database Monitoring, and Windows Application Monitoring to ensure optimal performance and reliability of applications and cloud services Explore.

  • peripheralsPeripheral & IoT Device Monitoring Includes monitoring of devices such as Printers, Cameras, and any device that can be monitored with SNMP, ensuring the integrity and functionality of essential peripheral and IoT devicesExplore.

  • customAdvanced Custom Monitoring Includes Custom & Specialized Monitoring, File & Folder Monitoring, and Remote Scripting, offering flexible and tailored solutions for diverse and complex monitoring needs Explore.

  • network Security & Compliance Monitoring Includes Security Monitoring for intrusion detection and proactive threat management, and Log Monitoring for ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and operational integrity Explore.

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Discover Monitoring Targets

Explore our comprehensive directory to find the precise monitoring solutions for your network.

A 'target' in NetCrunch describes any element you want to monitor, whether an application, resource, protocol, or service. Each target comes with predefined alerts, offering a solid foundation for monitoring yet providing the flexibility to expand and customize as needed.

With over 675 targets, NetCrunch allows for extensive and tailored monitoring capabilities.

Additionally, you can access over 8700 precompiled MIBs and enhance your monitoring range using our SNMP compiler.