Network Monitoring

The All-Encompassing Network Management Solution

Over the years, the network has become an essential part of the business and our lives. Network monitoring covers various devices and services, from networking equipment and environmental sensors to servers and cloud-based applications.

Agentless monitoring for hybrid infrastructures

NetCrunch is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and affordable solution for network monitoring. Thanks to NetCrunch, you can always see the state and performance of various network components. What's more important is getting alerted in case of failure or performance degradation.

Bandwidth & Traffic

Bandwidth & Traffic Monitoring

Who's hogging the bandwidth? - it's a popular question.

With Netcrunch, you can use various tools to pinpoint the problem. NetCrunch monitors interfaces of multiple devices such as switches, servers, routers and firewalls, and storage devices.

NetCrunch allows you to understand the nature of the traffic in your network by analyzing flow data from your routers. Thanks to the flows dashboard, you will locate top talkers in seconds.

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Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring with NetCrunch guarantees a smooth running of all your services. You can check the availability of any component of your IT infrastructure, including your hardware devices, servers, network services, and cloud services.

You get an instant alarm per email, SMS, or push notification if any monitored services go down.

SNMP & Devices

SNMP & Device Monitoring

Although SNMP was created for network monitoring in the early '90s, it can monitor anything. SNMP is a lightweight protocol and supports enhanced security with SNMPv3 encryption and authorization.

NetCrunch is a complete solution for monitoring IT systems, and its core builds on SNMP.

It supports all SNMP protocol versions (v1,2c,3), receives traps and notifications, and can also send and forward SNMP traps.

NetCrunch comes with 8700 pre-compiled MIBs and the MIB compiler, so you can easily import MIB for your device.

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Servers & Virtualization

Server & Virtualization Monitoring

It is critical to monitor the hardware and software components of servers on all levels, whether they are separate physical boxes or not.

NetCrunch provides monitoring solutions for all layers regardless of the level of virtualization implemented. It can monitor hardware with IPMI, VMware ESXi hosts, Hyper-V hosts, major operating systems, and Docker containers.

Finally, it monitors service applications running on top of it, such as mail servers, file servers, web servers, or databases.

NetCrunch can collect diverse data categories such as health, performance, service status, storage, and network.

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Logs & Events

Log & Event Monitoring

Easily collect and monitor text logs and Windows event log events. Receive Syslog, traps, or web messages.

NetCrunch offers advanced event management, including conditional alerts and correlation. The most important view for the administrator is Active Alerts View which shows only unresolved alerts. In this way, he can focus on current issues without browsing a history log.

Events Sources:

  • Web Messages (webhooks)
  • SNMP Traps
  • Syslog
  • Windows Event Log
  • Remote Text Log over SSH
  • Apache format Logs
  • Log4j Logs
  • IPMI Log

Cloud Services

Monitoring Cloud Services

NetCrunch can monitor various cloud services from major providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

8 AWS Monitors

NetCrunch includes sensors for Amazon cloud services for monitoring Amazon AWS Cost, Amazon EBS, AWS EC2, Amazon ELB, Amazon SQS, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon CloudWatch Alarms, and Amazon Auto Scaling.

12 Azure Monitors

Azure Cost, Azure API Management, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Insights, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Logic, Azure Server Farm, Azure Service Bus, Azure Storage Account, Azure SQL DB, Azure Web Site, Azure Kubernetes Cluster

Monitor Cloud Drives

NetCrunch allow you to monitor OneDrive and Google Drive

4 Zoom Monitoring

Zoom Status, Zoom Plans Usage, Zoom Operation Logs, Zoom Account

Other Monitors

  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Analytics
  • Pingdom
  • Gitlab

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Configuration Monitoring

Configuration Monitoring

NetCrunch allows monitoring (notify on changes) and storing device and windows hardware configuration.

Device Config Sensor

The sensor supports over 150 device profiles from popular brands such as Cisco and HP. It allows the creation of custom profiles with YAML and supports any device/system using a CLI and SSH or Telnet protocols.

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Window Hardware Sensor

The sensor tracks essential hardware components such as memory, processor, storage, video, and connected monitors.

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Application Monitoring

Monitor SQL on all levels


Security Monitoring

Monitor SSL Certificates, Invalid login attempts, firewall, system and antivirus logs.

-Custom Monitoring

Custom Monitoring

About scripts, parsers and generic agent, receivers

  • Monitor a wide range of devices, services, and applications

    Monitor devices, configuration, hardware, network bandwidth, traffic, service uptime, virtualization, etc. NetCrunch offers a wide range of monitoring capabilities outside standard network equipment. Besides monitoring computers and networking devices, it monitors and undersees scientific equipment, factories, traffic lights, video recorders, broadcasting equipment, etc.

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  • Visualize Network Topology with Live Maps

    NetCrunch's live maps offer dynamic visualization of your network topology, automatically generating and updating maps to reflect real-time conditions. These maps are fully customizable, including routing maps, segment views, and detailed port mapping options. Identify and locate devices within your network, observe live bandwidth utilization, and create tailored graphical views. These can serve as informative dashboards or diagrams, showcasing various aspects of network infrastructure, devices, and applications, ensuring efficient and intuitive network management.

  • Quickly identify problems using NetCrunch dashboards and maps

    NetCrunch makes things easy. It's fast, easy to configure, and offers clean visualization. With NetCrunch, you can start monitoring in several minutes. Probably, you will spend the most time collecting all the needed credentials.

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  • Advanced alert management, notifications, analytics, and integrations

    NetCrunch automatically correlates alerts by default and automatically closes them when detecting the issue is resolved. You can always focus on what's important. Besides simple notifications, NetCruch can execute remote control actions in escalation steps.