Monitor wide range of devices, services and applications

Monitor devices, configuration, hardware, network bandwidth, traffic, service uptime, virtualization, and much more. NetCrunch offers wide range of monitoring capabilities and goes outside typical network equipment. Beside monitoring computers, and networking devices, it monitors undersee scientific equipment, factories, traffic lights, video recorders, broadcasting equipment etc.

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Use over 600 monitoring targets right out of the box.

Network devices, servers, virtualization, cloud services, IoT, configuration, sensors, etc


NetCrunch makes things easy. It's fast, easy to configure and offers clean visualization.

With NetCrunch, you can start monitoring in several minutes. Probably, you will spend the most time collecting all the needed credentials.
It has all you need, policies, templates, REST API, integrations.

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Advanced alert management, notifications, analytics and integrations

NetCrunch automatically correlates alerts by default so it closes them automatically. You can always focus on what's important. Beside notifications, NetCruch can execute remote control actions in escalation steps.

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