How to send NetCrunch notification messages via Amazon Simple Notification Service

Amazon Simple Notification Service is a web service that enables applications, end-users, and devices to instantly send and receive notifications from the cloud. This article explains how to configure NetCrunch to send notification messages via Amazon SNS.

Enable NetCrunch to send messages via Amazon SNS

Enabling NetCrunch to send messages via Amazon SNS requires setting up a relevant Integration Profile. To do so, click Monitoring Integration Profiles at the top of the NetCrunch application.

In the editor, you will be asked for your AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. What's more, a Topic ARN is required as well, so you might want to consider creating an exclusive Topic for NetCrunch messages.

Integration Profile

Create an alert sending the email via Amazon SNS

Once Integration Profile is ready, you can finally create an alerting script (or edit existing one), to utilize the capabilities of Amazon SNS. The steps below explain how to create a new alerting script.

  1. Click MonitoringAlerting Escalation Script
  2. In the Alerting Scripts Window click Add Alerting Script
  3. Click Add and select Action to Run immediately
  4. Click Integrations tab and select Amazon SNS Message
Create alerting Script

A new window will appear, where you can test sending a message to Amazon SNS by clicking the Test button. A small window with the test procedure will appear, and if everything is configured properly, the test should display "Successfully executed" message and a test email should now appear in inbox subscribed to a Topic in Amazon SNS, which you provided earlier in Integration Profile.

Test the integration

Remember, that since NetCrunch allows to send notifications in multiple formats (e.g. SMS, ticket), you are not limited to email only, as long as you have e.g. a mobile phone number subscribed to the Topic in Amazon SNS. Of course, you need to check also Amazon documentation for supported regions.

Now select a node and create a test alert (for example Node Monitoring Disabled), then assign the alerting script to this alert. The following steps explain how to create a "Node Monitoring Disabled" alert for a single node.

  1. Right-click the node where you want to create an alert
  2. Select the Node Settings and click Alerts&Reports in the node settings window
  3. Click Add Alert, select the Basic tab and choose Node monitoring is disabled
  4. Right-click the new Alert and select Assign Predefined Alerting Script Your Script name
Assign the alerting Script

Assign the alerting Script

If you now trigger the alert (Disable the Node Monitoring), an email will be sent via Amazon SNS to all inboxes subscribed to the Topic. If such alerting script is attached to various alerts, NetCrunch will send messages via Amazon SNS each time the given alert is generated.



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