Monitoring operating systems - Windows System Views

System views is a powerful tool to see the status of various aspects of the given system in real time. This article will focus on System Views on Windows-based machines

System Views tab

System Views tab is located on the left side in node status. Depends on the system, tabs in system views may look differently.


First tab - services as the name says shows status of the services on the Windows machine - like in Windows, you can manage the state of the services, see all important information related to them such as Name, description, startup type or path from which service is running.



Second tab - processes behave like Task Manager in Windows. You are able to see all processes running on the machine, utilization of processor memory, number of threads and handles. This views also shows parameters which are used when the process was executed.

It's also possible to terminate processes from this view.

Task Manager


Third tab - Sessions looks similar to processes - but the main difference is the fact that it shows individual users logged to the machine and all processes that are running under users. This view can be used to terminate specific processes for specific users or log off users from the machine.

Session Manager

Virtual Machines

Hyper-V hosts have special tab - virtual machines present in system views. This particular view will show all virtual machines present on the host, their state, name, OS performance statistics and much more.


Pending Updates

Last tab present in system views for Windows machines is Pending Updates. It will show all information related to updates - status, name date, and severity.

Windows Update

These are all available system views for Windows, they make a life of administrators easier - instead of queries or remote desktop sessions - simply opening node status of the given node shows a lot of vital information about the machine.

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