Sending NetCrunch alerts to Ryver

For companies who do not want to use Slack as a chat, Ryver is a good alternative. It's a free communications tool that needs little to no configuration to get started with. This article will explain how to configure NetCrunch to send messages into a Ryver Team chat.

This article will explain and show how to configure your NetCrunch to send alerts to a Ryver Team chat.

Enable NetCrunch to post to a Ryver Team

To enable NetCrunch to post important alerts directly to a Ryver Team, you need to first set up an Integration Profile for Ryver. To do so, click Monitoring Integration Profiles at the top of the NetCrunch application.

In the editor, the new Integration Profile needs to be named and you will be asked for the company name of your Ryver chat, a User Email and User Password, and a Team ID. You will find the Team ID when selecting the Team where NetCrunch should post the messages to, and selecting ... Profile. For the Login credentials, you could create a separate user that you just use for the NetCrunch integration, but you would need to add it to each Team you want to send a message to. Unfortunately, it is currently only possible to send messages from NetCrunch to a Team and not to a Forum or as a Direct Message.

Ryver Integration Profile

Create an alert sending messages to Ryver

To allow NetCrunch to utilize the integration, it's necessary to create an alerting script (or edit the already existing one). The steps below explain how to create a new alerting script.

  • Click Monitoring Alerting Escalation Scripts
  • In the Alerting Scripts window click Add Alerting Script
  • Click Add and select Action to Run Immediately
  • Click Integrations tab and select Ryver Message
Create alerting script for Ryver

A new window will appear, but there's not much configuring here. Make sure that you are using the correct profile. Test sending messages to Ryver by clicking the Test button. A small window with the test procedure will appear, and if everything is configured properly, the test will finish with the "Successfully executed" message, and the test message will now appear in the Ryver Team where NetCrunch should send the messages.

Test the NetCrunch-Ryver Integration

After such an alerting script is attached to various alerts, NetCrunch will send messages to Ryver each time when the given alert is generated.

It is also possible to send messages to different Teams. This can be done by creating different Integration Profiles with their specific Team ID. You can use the same credentials as before with the first Profile, but make sure that you choose a descriptive name to be able to select to correct Profile later when creating an alerting script.


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