Forwarding NetCrunch alerts to HipChat

When an important alert comes up, sometimes it's beneficial for that alert to be sent directly to the person best suited to fix the problem. This can be achieved by integrating NetCrunch with a team collaboration system, such as HipChat. See how to configure your NetCrunch-HipChat integration.

In this article we will explain and show how to set up NetCrunch to send messages into a HipChat-room.

Enable NetCrunch to post in HipChat

To enable NetCrunch to post selected alerts directly into your HipChat-Room, you need to first set up an Integration Profile for HipChat in NetCrunch. To do so, click Monitoring Integration Profiles at the top of the NetCrunch application.

In the editor, the new Integration Profile needs to be named and you will be asked for a "Chatroom API ID" and a token. The API ID can be found when you view the Rooms details in HipChat. To configure a token, please follow the link: and go to "User-generated tokens". Here you need to follow the link to the "personal access token" page, and create a new token with the "Send Notification" scope. Copy this token and the API ID to your NetCrunch HipChat Profile and save your settings.

HipChat Integration Profile

Create an alert sending messages to HipChat

To allow NetCrunch to utilize the integration, it's necessary to create an alerting script (or edit an already existing one). The steps below explain how to create a new alerting script.

  • Click Monitoring Alerting Escalation Scripts
  • In the Alerting Scripts Window click Add Alerting Script
  • Click Add and select Action to Run Immediately
  • Click Integrations tab and select HipChat Message
HipChat Integration Profile

A new window will appear and in it you can choose if you want to trigger User Notifications. Make sure that you are using the correct profile. Test sending messages to a HipChat-Room by clicking Test. A small window with the test procedure will appear, and if everything is configured properly, the test should finish with a "Successfully executed" message. A test message should now appear in the Chatroom where NetCrunch is configured to send messages.

New HipChat Message

If this script is saved and assigned to various alerts, NetCrunch will send a message to the Chatroom every time the specific alert is triggered. Also, the background color of the message indicates the severity of the alert.

Of course, it is also possible to send messages into different Chatrooms. To do so, create a new Integration Profile, enter the Chatroom API ID, and create a Token for this Room. Just make sure to choose the correct Profile Name when configuring the new alerting script. This ensures that NetCrunch sends the messages to the right people, so they can fix problems in the shortest timeframe.


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