Sending NetCrunch notifications with Pushover

If your company uses Pushover for business communication, you can now easily make NetCrunch part of your communication within Pushover. Pushover sends the received NetCrunch notifications directly to your specified devices via the Internet. This article will focus on how to configure NetCrunch for this integration.

This article will show how to set up your NetCrunch to send notifications to your devices via the Pushover Integration.

Enable NetCrunch to send messages to Pushover

To enable NetCrunch to post selected alerts directly to Pushover you need to first set up an Integration Profile for Pushover. To do so, click Monitoring Integration Profiles at the top of the NetCrunch application.

In the editor, the new Integration Profile needs to be named and you will be asked for an Application API Token and a User Key or Group Key. To create an Application API Token, click the link: and follow the instructions for the Application Registration. Create a new Application, name it (i.e. NetCrunch) and copy the Application API Token to your NetCrunch Integration Profile.

Your User Key will be shown on the start page of Pushover after you logged in. If you use your User Key, you can send Notifications to all of your registered devices at the same time, or you can select specific devices while configuring NetCrunch that should receive the Notifications. In Pushover it is also possible to create Delivery Groups, which means you can create a group of Users with their User Keys and send the Notifications to this group. This way you can notify different people at the same time.

Pushover Integration Profile in NetCrunch

Create an alert and send a notification to Pushover

To let NetCrunch connect to the service you have to create an alerting script (or edit an existing one). The steps below explain how to create a new alerting script.

  • Click MonitoringAlerting Escalation Scripts
  • In the Alerting Scripts window click Add Alerting Script
  • Click Add and select Action to Run Immediately
  • Click Integrations tab and select Pushover Notification
Create alerting script

A new window will appear, where you can make a more specific choice of which devices should get notified in case of an alert. If you entered your User Key, select the particular devices you want to be notified. In the case the device name is wrong, or the device does not exist, all of your devices will be notified to avoid losing a notification. The Message Priorities definition can be looked up at

You can test sending a notification to Pushover by clicking Test. A small window with the test procedure will appear, and if everything is configured correctly, the test will finish with "Successfully executed" and a test notification should now appear in the devices chosen (Screenshot from Desktop device).

Test the Integration

After such an alerting script is attached to various alerts, NetCrunch will send Notifications via Pushover each time when a given alert is generated. With the highest Message Priority, Pushover will keep sending a notification to your device until you acknowledge it. This integration ensures that you will never miss an important alert again.


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