Trigger IFTTT actions with NetCrunch alerts

See how to set up your NetCrunch IFTTT integration and create an IFTTT Recipe.

IFTTT is a very versatile tool to connect countless of applications by the very simple rule: If This Then That. You can create recipes that wait for a certain event and then trigger a new action in a different application. This integration allows NetCrunch to 'integrate' with practically any application that integrates with IFTTT.

Enable NetCrunch to send messages to IFTTT

To enable NetCrunch to post important messages to IFTTT, you first need to set up an Integration Profile for IFTTT. To do so, click Monitoring Integration Profiles at the top of the NetCrunch application.

In the editor, the new Integration Profile needs to be named and you will be asked for a Key. To configure such a key, follow the link: and create a new Recipe from the Maker Channel. After you have logged in and connected to the Maker Channel, your key will be displayed and you can copy it into your NetCrunch Integration Profile.

Integration Profile

Now you just have to create a new Recipe in IFTTT for what should happen if NetCrunch sends an alert message. Choose the Maker Channel as a Trigger and name the Event, for example, "NetCrunch Alert triggered". This Event Name is later necessary to configure NetCrunch, so make sure to choose a descriptive name and copy it later correctly.

Complete the Recipe by choosing your Action Channel and what should happen when it is triggered. In this example, we choose Twitter to create an action.

IFTTT Recipe

Create an alert sending messages to IFTTT

To allow NetCrunch to utilize the integration, it's necessary to create an alerting script (or edit the already existing one). Follow the steps below to create a new alerting script.

  • Click Monitoring Alerting Escalation Scripts
  • In Alerting Scripts Window click Add Alerting Script
  • Click Add and select Action to Run Immediately
  • Click Integrations tab and select IFTTT Trigger
Create alerting Script for IFTTT

A new window will appear and here you have to enter the previously chosen Event Name. Make sure that you are using the correct profile and that the Event Name is written correctly. Test sending messages to IFTTT by clicking Test. A small window with the test procedure will appear, and if everything has been configured properly, the test should finish with a "Successfully executed" message and your trigger should have created a test message in your chosen action channel.

Test the Integration

You can trigger different actions for different events from the Maker Channel, but keep in mind that all the alerts you send to IFTTT reach the same Maker Channel. This means you have to create a new IFTTT event for every alert that should trigger a different action, and name it uniquely. Then you have to enter the correct Event Name when configuring a new alerting script for NetCrunch. It makes this integration a very versatile tool to inform yourself, your team, or your customers of selected, currently existing issues.


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