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Michael Kulchisky

Senior System Engineer

NetCrunch 10 Suite

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You are downloading NetCrunch Suite evaluation version, a fully functional version that runs for 14 days from installation and includes:

  • 70+ Network Service Monitors (ping, http, snmp, pop3 and others)

  • SNMPv3 Monitoring including MIB compiler and 8500+ precompiled MIBs

  • SNMP Traps, syslog, Text Logs (Log4J, Apache, custom), and Windows Event Log monitors

  • Layer 2 segments monitoring and mapping, bandwidth monitoring

  • Switch port mapping with VLAN support

  • Netflow data collector ana analytics including Cisco NBAR supporting multiple sources

  • Cisco IP SLA monitoring

  • OS Monitoring: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, VMware ESX/ESXi

  • Database Monitoring: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, ODBC

  • Over 170 predefined Monitoring Packs for MS SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, HP AIX, NetWare, Terminal Services and other. See all Monitoring Packs

  • 30+ Specific sensor monitors for monitoring Text Logs, DNS, WMI, SQL, RADIUS, SSL, Email, Mailbox, Web/Cloud, File, Custom Data and more

Configuring Windows machines to be monitored by NetCrunch

Please read our documentation topic about configuring the security setting of Active Directory or Workgroup computers in order to provide quick discovery and automatic monitoring.

Read more about Monitoring Windows with NetCrunch

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