Hardware Monitoring

In-depth tracking of your servers' hardware health, focusing on temperature, fan speeds, and power status.

Server Hardware

Server Hardware Monitoring
with NetCrunch

NetCrunch offers an advanced server hardware monitoring suite designed to ensure the highest levels of performance and stability for your IT infrastructure. With its intelligent sensors and real-time data analysis, you can anticipate issues before they escalate.

Key Sensors for Comprehensive Monitoring

  • Basic IPMI Sensor Keeps track of system temperature, fan speeds, and power supply voltages.
  • Generic IPMI Sensor Offers monitoring for all readable parameters from your hardware with customizable filtering.
  • IBM IMM IPMI Specifically designed for vital metric tracking on IBM IMM devices.
  • HP iLO IPMI Targets key performance metrics for HP iLO hardware.
  • Dell iDRAC IPMI Provides essential monitoring functionalities for Dell iDRAC systems.
  • IPMI Log Sensor Accesses and analyzes logs from the System Event Log for comprehensive event and configuration tracking.

Equip your servers with NetCrunch’s cutting-edge monitoring technology to enhance system reliability and efficiency. Please visit the Server Monitoring for more information.

  • Comprehensive Hardware Monitoring via SNMP

    NetCrunch’s SNMP monitoring capabilities provide an all-encompassing solution for overseeing various hardware components in your IT infrastructure. With our sophisticated SNMP tools, you can effortlessly monitor and manage the health and performance of your systems.

    Power Supply and UPS Monitoring

    • Monitor UPS status and power supply health.
    • Ensure uninterrupted power supply and operational continuity.

    Network Device Oversight

    • Manage routers, switches, and other network hardware.
    • Optimize traffic flow and connectivity.

    System and Server Health Monitoring

    • Track CPU load, system uptime, and memory usage.
    • Ensure efficient operation of servers and critical systems.

    Storage and Disk Health

    • Monitor disk health and utilization.
    • Proactively manage storage capacity and performance.

    Environmental Monitoring

    • Observe temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors.
    • Protect hardware from adverse conditions.

    Peripheral Device Management

    • Stay updated on the status and performance of peripherals.
    • Support business operations with reliable peripheral hardware.

    Security Hardware Monitoring

    • Oversee firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS).
    • Safeguard your networked resources.
  • Advanced SNMP Tools

    MIB Compiler and Extensive Database

    • Access to over 8700 pre-compiled MIBs.
    • Instant connectivity to thousands of devices right out of the box.
    • Easily add new MIBs to the database for expanded monitoring.

    SNMP Views - Advanced Data Browser

    A sophisticated SNMP data browser with predefined and customizable views. Create custom views using YAML to present data in an accessible, human-readable format. Capability to join SNMP tables to craft comprehensive views tailored to user needs.

    NetCrunch’s SNMP monitoring is designed to be both powerful and user-friendly, offering deep insights into your hardware’s performance and health. Experience the peace of mind of knowing your network is under the watchful eye of NetCrunch’s advanced SNMP tools.