Network Mapping

Discover the dynamics of your network with intuitive visualization and control through advanced network mapping.

Network Mapping

Automated Network Mapping

NetCrunch Network Monitoring offers advanced automated mapping features that significantly enhance network visibility and management.

  • Automatic Routing Map

    NetCrunch excels at generating detailed network topology maps that depict routers and connections between IP networks, providing a clear visualization of the network's structure.

    The program presents users with two layout options, and it also allows for manual adjustments to customize the map according to your preferences.

    This feature is invaluable for gaining a deeper understanding of network topology and fine-tuning network performance

  • Automatic Physical Segments

    NetCrunch offers intuitive visual representations of physical network segments, commonly known as Layer 2 maps. These maps are instrumental in delineating the layout and interconnections of network devices, thereby simplifying the monitoring and management of the physical network infrastructure.

    It's essential to acknowledge that the relevance of Layer 2 mapping persists, even when Layer 3 switches are in use.

    Furthermore, NetCrunch allows users to select from various customizable layouts, akin to routing maps, enhancing the user experience. A particularly user-friendly feature is the legend window search function, which enables users to locate a device swiftly within the graph. Upon searching, the program will automatically zoom in on the selected device, making device management more efficient and straightforward.

  • Port Mapping Views

    Port maps are visual representations of network switches that show detailed information about their ports and connections.

    They are interactive, allowing users to click on a connection line to open a live interface monitor view with real-time data. Network administrators can access important information about the selected connection using this feature. The information includes network traffic levels, error rates, and other performance metrics.

    The maps provide a comprehensive view of the network's physical layout, highlighting how various devices and segments are interconnected.

These automated mapping tools enable network administrators to quickly understand and navigate complex network structures, making NetCrunch a more robust and efficient network monitoring solution.