Virtualization Monitoring

Explore the power of NetCrunch Virtualization Monitoring for VMware and Hyper-V environments.


NetCrunch's Virtualization Monitoring

Seamlessly integrating with both VMware and Hyper-V environments, NetCrunch offers an unparalleled, comprehensive solution for tracking and optimizing your virtual infrastructure.

Experience real-time insights and proactive management capabilities, ensuring peak performance and reliability for your virtualized assets. Dive into a world where virtual monitoring is simplified yet powerful, keeping you ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of virtualization technology.

  • VMware ESX/i Monitoring

    NetCrunch offers comprehensive monitoring solutions for all VMware ESX/i versions starting from version 4.

    Whether you are utilizing vSphere or establishing direct connections to your ESX servers, NetCrunch seamlessly integrates to provide consistent and thorough monitoring.

    Key Features for ESX/i:

    • Alarms and Flags Monitoring
      Avoid potential issues with real-time alerts and flag status updates, allowing preemptive action.
    • State and Performance Tracking
      Continuously monitor the health and performance of your ESX/i hosts to optimize your virtual infrastructure.
    • Enhanced Status Views
      NetCrunch delivers specialized views for ESXi machines, featuring:
      • Hardware Status Gain an in-depth understanding of your hardware’s health.
      • Virtual Machines Overview Effortlessly oversee all your VMs in a unified view.
      • Datastore Monitoring Ensure your data storage systems perform reliably.

    NetCrunch's intuitive platform enables the automatic addition of VMs to the monitoring list, simplifying your virtual management processes.

    In addition to these features, NetCrunch monitors vital aspects such as CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk IO, Network Utilization, the number of running and total VMs, Used CPU Hz, and Used Memory Bytes.

    The overview grid for ESXi provides detailed information on Overall Status, Power State, Config State, Hardware Health, Triggered Alarms, Hardware, Flags, CPU and Memory Usage, Number of Virtual Machines, Data Center, Cluster, and Connection Mode.

    While NetCrunch can connect directly to ESXi in scenarios where vCenter is not available, note that direct mode monitoring may have limitations.

  • Monitoring
    VMware Virtual Machines

    NetCrunch offers a detailed and robust monitoring solution for VMware Virtual Machines, focusing on performance optimization and resource management. Our system provides real-time analytics on key metrics to maintain the efficiency and health of your VM infrastructure.

    Key Metrics Monitored:

    • % CPU Usage
      Monitor CPU load to ensure smooth VM operations.
    • % Guest Memory Usage
      Track VM memory usage for optimal performance.
    • % Host Memory Usage
      Observe host machine memory usage for effective resource balancing.
    • Guest Used Memory Bytes
      Detailed insights into memory consumption by each VM.
    • Host Used Memory Bytes
      Understand memory utilization at the host level.
    • Used CPU Hz
      Assess CPU frequency usage to identify processing efficiency.

    Comprehensive VM Overview:

    NetCrunch offers an intuitive and detailed overview of each virtual machine, presented in a grid format with several essential columns:

    • Overview Status Quick assessment of the overall health and status of each VM.
    • Data Center Identify the data center where each VM is located.
    • Data Store Monitor the data storage specifics for each VM.
    • VM Tools Status Keep track of the status of VMware Tools installed on the VMs.
    • CPU and Memory Usage Detailed view of CPU and memory resource utilization.
    • Guest State Operational status of VMs at a glance.
    • Power State On/off status monitoring for energy management and operational readiness.
    • Heartbeat: Regular checks to ensure VMs are functioning correctly.
    • Config Status Updates on the configuration health of each machine.
    • Triggered Alarms Immediate visibility of alerts or issues needing attention.
    • Machine Resources Display of CPU, RAM, Disk, and Network usage.
    • Annotations Add contextual notes or comments for efficient management.
  • Monitoring Hyper-V Hosts

    NetCrunch extends its sophisticated monitoring capabilities to Hyper-V, offering robust support for hosts and virtual machines in these environments.

    Hyper-V Monitoring Features:

    • Performance and Status Monitoring
      Gain detailed insights into the performance and health status of both Hyper-V hosts and VMs. This comprehensive monitoring ensures you are always aware of the operational state of your environment.
    • Virtual Machines Listing
      NetCrunch provides a dedicated view for the easy management and monitoring of all your Hyper-V VMs. This centralized listing enables efficient oversight and control of your virtual landscape.
    • Auto-Discovery of VMs
      With NetCrunch, new VMs are automatically detected and added to the monitoring roster. This feature saves you time and effort, ensuring that no VM goes unmonitored in your infrastructure.

    In addition to these features, NetCrunch offers a detailed grid view, including information such as the Hyper-V version, Overall Status, Health State, and Virtual Machine Statistics (total and running).

    This grid view provides a comprehensive snapshot of your Hyper-V environment, facilitating informed decision-making and efficient management.

  • Monitoring
    Hyper-V Virtual Machines

    NetCrunch provides an advanced monitoring solution for Hyper-V virtual machines, focusing on a comprehensive set of counters to ensure optimal performance and health of your VMs.

    Key Monitoring Counters:

    • % Guest CPU Usage
      Track the CPU utilization of your guest VMs to maintain efficient processing power.
    • % Guest Memory Free & Usage
      Monitor the available and used memory in your VMs, ensuring they operate within optimal parameters.
    • % Host CPU & Memory Usage
      Keep an eye on the resource usage of your Hyper-V host to prevent overutilization and maintain system health.
    • Guest Assigned Bytes & Available Bytes
      Understand the memory allocation and availability for each VM.
    • Host Memory Bytes
      Track the total memory capacity of your Hyper-V host.
    • Uptime
      Monitor the operational time of your VMs to track stability and availability.

    Status and Health Monitoring:

    NetCrunch also provides critical insights into the operational integrity of your Hyper-V VMs:

    • Operation Status
      Keep track of the overall operational status of your VMs.
    • Guest Status & Health
      Monitor the health and status of each guest VM, ensuring they are running smoothly and without issues.
    • Heartbeat
      Check the heartbeat status to verify the responsiveness and connectivity of your VMs.

    Grid View Features:

    The NetCrunch grid view displays comprehensive data for easy monitoring and management, including:

    • Guest Operating System
      View the OS running on each VM.
    • Guest CPU and Memory Usage
      Monitor the resource utilization of each VM.
    • Resources Assigned
      Keep track of the resources allocated to each VM.
    • Annotations
      Note additional information or custom annotations for each VM.

Your Ideal Virtualization Monitoring Solution

Embrace the power of seamless virtualization monitoring with NetCrunch. Our platform stands out in its ability to effortlessly integrate with VMware and Hyper-V environments, offering a comprehensive, real-time view of your virtual infrastructure. NetCrunch's intuitive design simplifies monitoring, while its advanced features, like automatic VM discovery and customizable alerts, ensure you're always ahead of the curve. Choose NetCrunch for a monitoring experience that combines efficiency, reliability, and innovation, turning your virtualization challenges into opportunities for growth and stability.

With NetCrunch, you're not just monitoring your virtual environment; you're optimizing it for peak performance and future scalability. Make the smart choice for your virtual infrastructure with NetCrunch – where advanced technology meets user-friendly functionality.