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Note to upgrading customers

NetCrunch 10 Suite

Comprehensive, all-in-one, policy-based monitoring system

Modules Included

  • OS & Virtualization Monitoring (Windows, Linux, Solaris, BSD, ESXi)
  • External Integrations/Actions (20+ Integrations supported,syslog,traps, webhooks)
  • GrafCranch (Grafana native support, with support for multiple servers)
  • Layer 2 Monitoring & Mapping (Bandwidth, VLANs, Port Mapping)
  • Log Monitoring & Server (Syslog, SNMP Traps, Windows Event Log, Text Logs)
  • Multi-user and Organization Management (Flexible access rights, notification groups and more)
  • SNMPv3 Support, MIB Compiler, MIB Database (8500+ pre-compiled MIBs, Custom SNMP Views)
  • Hardware & Software Inventory (For Windows)
  • Comprehensive Notifications (Redundant email servers, SMS modem, webhooks)
  • FlowServer with NBAR support (for traffic analyzing)
  • Advanced Configuration module (Monitoring Packs, Monitoring Templates, notification groups and more)
  • Modern and fast UI (Including Dashboards, Graphical Maps with widgets)
  • Remote Probe (Lightweight engine for monitoring responses of 70+ network services )
  • Advanced Monitors & Sensors (170+ Monitoring Packs, 70+ Network Protocols, 27 Sensors including WMI, file, web, SSL and more)
  • SQL Query Monitoring (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Maria DB, ODBC)


NetCrunch is licensed by the largest number of nodes or port interfaces it monitors.

This means that if you monitor Layer 2, VLANs and switches you should consider a number of ports monitored which can be greater than other network nodes such as servers, printers etc.

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