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NetCrunch is licensed per number of monitored nodes.

Don’t worry about running out of licenses

as you add new types of monitoring on existing infrastructure.

No need to track monitored elements

which is especially hard in a today's dynamic, virtualized environment.

Much easier budget planning

as you have a better handle on how many devices you need – instead of thinking in terms of probes or sensors.

Compare NetCrunch Licensing to the competition

All Inclusive

You get everything in one package with no additional modules - and no hidden costs. All you need is Windows Server no need for a separate SQL server, as NetCrunch comes with the embedded one.

1 Year Maintenance

with tech support and upgrade protection

Network Service Monitoring
OS Monitoring: Win, Mac, BSD, Linux
ESX/ESXi Monitoring
Netflow Collector
Layer 2 maps with port mapping
SNMP (v1-3) with MIB compiler
Network Maps and dashboards
Predefined Monitoring Packs

Purchasing Options

You can choose a permanent license or annual subscription.

NetCrunch Packages

  • NetCrunch 50

    up to 50 network nodes - about 1000 monitoring elements (sensors)

  • NetCrunch 125

    up to 125 network nodes - about 2500 monitoring elements (sensors)

  • NetCrunch 300

    up to 300 network nodes - about 8000 monitoring elements (sensors)

  • NetCrunch 600

    up to 600 network nodes - over 10000 monitoring elements (sensors)

  • NetCrunch 1000

    up to 1000 network nodes

  • NetCrunch 2000

    up to 2000 network nodes

  • NetCrunch Unlimited

    no limit on monitoring nodes - single server instance

  • NetCrunch Corporate

    unlimited number of NetCrunch servers in organization

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