Privacy Policy of AdRem Software

Our commitment to privacy

Fulfilling the obligations set forth in Article 13 Section 1 and 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons concerning the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), hereinafter be referred to as "GDPR", it is notified that:

Here we include a summary of the most important issues related to the processing of your personal data in connection with the use of our services.

This document explains:

  • what type of personal data from our customers, contractors, and business partners is collected and processed
  • for what purposes, why and how long personal data is used
  • how the safety of personal data is protected
  • how your rights to personal data protection are fulfilled

All personal data is collected and processed following the Polish as well as the European Union’s legislature. Giving personal data is voluntary but necessary to use services provided by AdRem Software sp. z o.o. (a limited liability company), with its registered office in Kraków, Poland and it is obligatory to enter into a contract and enforce it.

Personal data controller

AdRem Software sp. z o.o., with its registered office at Józefa Marcika Street, 12, 30-443 Kraków, Poland, owning a NIP number: 6762061256, registered in the business entities’ register (Krajowy Rejstr Sądowy), maintained by the National Court Register in the District Court (Sąd Rejonowy) for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, XI Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under the registration number: 0000114204.

What type of personal data is collected and processed about our customers, contractors, business partners

Personal data means any information relating to an individual, enabling identification, for example, name, surname, and contact information. We are allowed to collect this data when you use AdRem's website, and services, participate in a survey, register for a product trial or product online demo, request a price quote, use website chat, or contact AdRem Software.

We are in particular permitted to collect information belonging to the following categories:

  • name and surname, email address, phone number, company name, country name, friend's email address (if you recommend our website)
  • information regarding registration data, if you conduct any business activity (tax identification number, company number, address of a registered office),
  • information about your history of transactions,
  • information about how you use our website,
  • communication with you or addressed to us by you via mail, email message, chat, social media, or telephone.

We assure you that data regarding suspicions of crime or convictions are not required. Moreover, we do not collect any data connected with your race or ethnic origins, political views, religious or worldview beliefs, membership to trade unions, genetic and biometrical data, sexuality, or sexual orientation. We never inquire about those types of data and do not collect nor process it, unless they are shared by you eg. in an email message.

For what purposes, why and how long personal data is used

Your personal data may be used for the following purposes:

  • for entering into a contract and its fulfillment (on the legal basis stated in Article 6 Section 1 letter b of GDPR)
  • for taking actions before entering into a contract, on demand of a person whose personal data it concerns (on the legal basis stated in Article 6 Section 1 letter b of GDPR)
  • for allowing customers, contractors, and business partners to use services provided by AdRem Software with its registered office in Kraków, such as AdRem's software products and services. Moreover, access to certain services/activities requires that you provide the necessary data. These services may include: filling out an online form or survey, downloading trial (demo) versions of AdRem's software, registering free versions of software, etc. (on the legal basis stated in Article 6 Section 1 letter b of GDPR)
  • conducting financial settlements (on the legal basis stated in Article 6 Section 1 letter b of GDPR)
  • answering to complaints and conducting complaints procedure. This may require that you fill in the support request form or technical support forms etc. (on the legal basis stated in Article 6 Section 1 letter c of GPDR)
  • evidence gathering based on the Controller’s legitimate interest, to secure information to prove facts in future possible legal disputes (on the legal basis stated in Article 6 Section 1 letter f of GDPR)
  • offering services regarding customers’, contractors', and business partners’ needs, targeting (on the legal basis stated in Article 6 Section 1 letter f of GDPR)
  • marketing, including statistic measurements, analyses, and personal data profiling, for purposes of marketing the Controller’s services (on the legal basis stated in Article 6 Section 1 letter f of GDPR)
  • marketing, including analyses and personal data profiling for purposes of marketing of services provided by third parties (on the legal basis stated in Article 6 Section 1 letter c of GDPR)
  • enabling the provision of professional services (on the legal basis stated in Article 6 section 1 letter b of GDPR)
  • enabling support and assistance (on the legal basis stated in Article 6 Section 1 letter b of GDPR)
  • other, necessary to fulfill legal obligations, imposed on the controller (on the legal basis stated in Article 6 Section 1 letter of GDPR)

Your personal data will be processed only if there is a legal basis for it. The legal basis depends on the reasons why your personal data was collected and what the purposes of its use are.

In most cases, processing of personal data will be necessary for us to conclude a contract with you. We are allowed to process your personal data in the following cases:

  • To fulfill the legally imposed obligations (for example accounting, and bookkeeping documents);
  • If you agree that your personal data can be used (for example for marketing purposes);
  • To protect the essential interests of the user or another person (for example in emergencies);
  • In purposes associated with our justified interests as entrepreneurs (for example for administrative law’s purposes).

Only users who are at least 16 years old can give consent on their behalf. Where the child is below the age of 16 years, the consent given or authorized by the holder of parental responsibility over the child is required.

Processing and storing your personal data

Personal data is collected and processed within the periods necessary to fulfill the agreement by AdRem Software sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Kraków and to fulfill other purposes, particularly stated in this document.

AdRem Software sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Kraków, acting on its legitimate interest, is allowed to archive shared data for purposes of an evidence procedure to prevent any possible future claims that may result from contracts and the right is based on article 6 section 1 letter f of GDPR, as well as for purposes necessary to fulfill the obligation imposed on the Controller by article 6 section 1 letter c of GDPR. Storage of archived personal data lasts for the time required for the mutual claims to expire or is required by the law, tax law in particular, depending on which of these is longer. The period when the personal data is stored and processed for marketing purposes lasts until the effective objection is raised or the consent is withdrawn. When your personal data is no longer needed, it will be safely deleted or destroyed.

Safety of personal data

We abide by strict safety rules concerning storing and revealing personal data, also created to protect from accidental loss, destruction, or damage. We are permitted to reveal your personal data to trusted entities, who demand to have specific technological and organizational security systems to protect users’ personal data, under Polish and European Union laws regarding personal data protection.

Who may be the recipients of the personal data:

a) People authorized by the Controller to process personal data within the scope of entrusted duties, b) Entities entrusted by the Controller to perform activities that include necessary processing of personal data (processing entities), c) Authorized local resellers or representatives to provide you with the necessary information in your local context (for example pricing in local currency, local availability of AdRem product-related services) d) Other recipients (for example mail couriers, banks, insurance companies, law firms).

Personal data may be revealed to the recipient only for purposes stated in this document. Your personal data may be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) – third countries, based on:

  1. Art. 45 sec. 1 of the GDPR (European Commission’s adequacy decision)
  2. Art. 46 sec. 1 let. c) of the GDPR (standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission).

The controller processes data only for purposes stated in this document. If it is necessary to process personal data for purposes not mentioned in this document, the Controller before initiating the processing of personal data will ask a person whose data is about to be processed to give consent for that.

Your rights to the protection of personal data

You are entitled to:

  • Demand any information regarding if your data is protected and if so, what personal data is stored and for what purposes it is stored and used.
  • Demand access to your personal data, including receiving a copy of personal data that is stored or verifying whether personal data is processed under the law.
  • Demand to correct stored user’s personal data. You are entitled to fill in any incomplete stored personal data or demand that stored incorrect personal data be corrected.
  • Demand that personal data be deleted if there are no reasons for it to be stored
  • Object to processing personal data when it is processed based on our justified interest [or third party’s justified interest] but in Your specific situation, there is a reason why you want to object to processing personal data. Furthermore, You are entitled to object if Your personal data is processed directly for marketing purposes.
  • Object to automated decision making, including profiling, which means objection to automated decision making regarding the user, with using user’s personal data or objection to profiling.
  • Demand to restrain personal data processing. You are entitled to demand to stop processing your personal data, for example when you want to establish its correctness or a reason for processing.
  • Demand to transfer personal data in an electronic and structured way to a user or another person (so-called right to “transferring data”). Transferring data enables download from us data in a form that enables electronic use and transfer of user data to another person in a form that enables electronic use. It requires our technical capabilities and cooperation with another subject.
  • Withdraw your consent. In limited circumstances, if you agree that your personal data can be collected, processed, and transferred for a specific purpose, You are entitled to withdraw Your consent for it at any time. When the withdrawal is received, Your personal data will no longer be processed for the purpose or purpose based on which you gave your consent, unless there is another legally justified reason associated with processing.
  • Lodge a complaint against the controller’s actions if they are unlawful., with the Personal Data Protection Office.


A cookie is a small piece of data stored on the user’s computer by the browser while the user is using our website. Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember information or to save the user’s activity on the website. Cookies can be used to remember parts of information such as names, addresses, passwords, etc. We use cookies to build better communication with you provide you with the best services and to personalize the content. To use our website it is necessary to give your consent to the use of cookies. You can manage cookies in your browser. However, it should be noted that blocking or deleting cookies may influence the perception of our website.

Types of cookies

  • temporary cookies – they are temporarily stored in the browser’s memory and remain in its memory until the end of the session (closing the browser)
  • constant cookies – they remain in the browser’s memory as long as the user gives consent in the browser’s settings.
  • external cookies – they originate from an external site, other than our website (Google Analytics, Facebook).
  • necessary cookies – they enable the use of services available on our website
  • functional cookies – they allow users to remember the website’s options preferred by the user.
  • advertising cookies – they allow to provision of advertising content, tailored to the user’s interest.

Website logs

Our web server automatically collects and stores certain information that does not identify you personally. We automatically collect:

  • the Internet domain
  • the Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • the type of browser and operating system used to access our Site
  • the date and time you access our Site
  • the pages on our Site that you access
  • the address of a referring website (if you linked to our Site from another website)

Such information gives us the ability to find out how many users we receive daily, what pages are viewed most often, etc. We collect such information in an aggregate form, without identifying any user individually. This aggregated, non-identifying data is used for statistical analysis, which is used internally to improve our website and for marketing purposes generally.

Exercising your rights

To exercise your rights, stated in sections 1 – 9 above, it is necessary to contact us, using a mail address: or sending a letter via mail to an address: AdRem Software sp. z o. o., Józefa Marcika Street, 12, 30-443 Kraków. We neither take any charges for access to personal data nor for exercising any rights. We may charge a fee if the access request is unjustified or its scope is extensive. In these circumstances, we are allowed to object to that request.

The Controller informs that the withdrawal of the consent to process personal data does not influence the accordance with law processing the personal data that was happening before the withdrawal of the consent.

In specific situations, we may be forced to ask you to reveal some specific personal data to verify your identity and provide You with access to personal data or exercise any of your rights. This is another safety means to ensure that personal data will not be revealed to unauthorized people.