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NetCrunch Monitoring Platform

The system that delivers comprehensive monitoring, through extensive (agent-less) monitoring, flexible visualization, alerting and policy-based configuration. Totally, customizable.

  • 250+ Monitoring Packs
    and Sensors
    The program includes ready to use sets of monitoring settings and customizable sensors for monitoring devices and applications.
  • 8600+ Pre-compiled SNMP MIB modules included We collected and compiled thousands of MIB modules from many vendors. You can add more with a built-in MIB compiler.
  • 500+ Vendors supported
    out of the box
    Out of the box, NetCrunch supports many hardware vendors such as Cisco, HP, Dell, IBM, Nortel, Juniper

NetCrunch Solutions

Network Devices & Infrastructure Monitoring

  • NetCrunch for SNMP Devices

    Monitor any SNMP devices including routers, switches, and firewalls. Get all pre-compiled MIBS with a compiler, and comprehensive alerting features.

    Check performance and availability of over 70 network services (such as PING, HTTP, LDAP, SQL). Create custom checks when needed.

    • platform
    • snmp & core

    • 3 × Concurrent Remote Connections (CAL)

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    Starts from $1,425
    for 50 nodes

  • NetCrunch for Network Infrastructure

    Monitor and map your network infrastructure with SNMP regardless of your vendor solutions. Easily track bandwidth and traffic through flows (Netflow, NBAR, sFlow, and other flow protocol supported).

    Get automatic routing and layer 2 maps with VLANs and port mapping.

    • platform
    • snmp & core
    • flow analyzer
    • layer 2 mapping

    • 3 × Concurrent Remote Connections (CAL)

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    Starts from $3,125
    for 100 nodes

Comprehensive Monitoring

  • NetCrunch Performance Monitor

    A comprehensive package, with all SNMP features and network services monitoring. You can monitor logs, operating systems, virtualization, SQL databases, WMI, IPMI, Web, Cloud and more. Includes over 300 monitoring elements such as services, Monitoring Packs and application sensors.

    Best for < 500 node/interfaces networks.

    • platform
    • snmp & core
    • logs, servers, virtualization, applications

    • 3 × Concurrent Remote Connections (CAL)

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    Starts from $2,075
    for 50 nodes

  • NetCrunch Monitoring Suite

    Complete all-in-one package with all advanced features necessary for managing a high number of monitored elements.

    Indispensable for 500+ node/interface networks.

    • platform
    • snmp & core
    • logs, servers, virtualization, applications
    • hardware and software inventory
    • flow analyzer
    • layer 2 mapping
    • advanced alerting
    • advanced config
    • integration services

    • 10 × Concurrent Remote Connections (CAL)
    • 3 × IP Camera Sensors
    • 1 × Remote Probe

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    Starts from $6,925
    for 250 nodes

NetCrunch will save your time

We know that monitoring can be a tedious task, so NetCrunch does many things for you. Even when you are an expert, you don't have to do everything manually.

Easy to Install and Configure

It installs quickly because no additional software is required (just Windows x64, 3.5GB, 2 Cores), then it will discover your network in minutes and you can tweak configuration created for you.

Policy Based Configuration

NetCrunch is configured mostly by rules (policies). Monitoring Packs define metrics, triggers, and observed events. You have notification profiles, user profile, action scripts, sensor templates.

Fast, Responsive and Scalable

NetCrunch is probably the fastest monitoring system you've ever seen. It's monitoring in production about 400,000 metrics and 30,000 interfaces on a single system which is less than half of the program capacity.

Let me show you how quickly we can configure NetCrunch together in your environment or you can see it running in our lab.

Michael Kulchisky

Senior System Engineer at AdRem Software

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Our customers speak the best

and tell you why they often replace other solutions with NetCrunch

Genseric Piegay

"We have found in NetCrunch a complete monitoring tool which is very effective in adapting to our IT needs. NetCrunch offers powerful native network mapping and configuration capabilities, both effective and granular. "

  • Genséric Piegay
  • IT Manager
  • Groupe Thermcross

Amir Fishler

"The features that distinguish NetCrunch from other solutions are its agent-less capabilities and the powerful, customizable dashboard with real-time network views."

  • Amir Fishler
  • System engineering team leader
  • Cellcom LTD

Wolfgan Seel

"Thanks to the inheritance function and Monitoring Packs in NetCrunch, laborious configuration of every single node is the past now."

  • Wolfgang Seel
  • Administrator
  • Landkreis Neunkirchen


"The views in new NetCrunch are so easy to follow and work with. The design of the GUI is definitely very intuitive."

  • Yasuhiko Nagahara
  • Manager
  • Information Center, Hiroshima University of Economics, Japan
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