NetCrunch Monitor, Alert, Visualize

Manage your servers, networks, cloud services, and applications with a versatile, agentless monitoring system for Windows.

Complete Monitoring

versatile, agentless & distributed


With thousands of predefined alerting conditions and over 675 out-of-the-box monitoring targets, including custom scripting and an SNMP compiler, NetCrunch offers unparalleled versatility for any monitoring need.

Designed for adaptability and scalability, NetCrunch ensures comprehensive and sophisticated monitoring across diverse network environments.

Explore Monitoring Capabilities

Advanced Alerting

beyond simple notifications

Step up your response with NetCrunch's advanced alerting system.

Advanced features such as correlation, conditional alerts, and an intelligent escalation system transcend traditional notifications for more effective network management.

More About Alerting


Dynamic Visualization

see your network like never before

NetCrunch offers real-time dynamic and interactive visualization, including live network topology maps, node status overviews, and top-tier metric charts.

Dive deep with custom diagrams, dashboards, and detailed node data for a comprehensive network insight.


Happy Customers
Speak for NetCrunch

"We have found in NetCrunch a complete monitoring tool which is very effective in adapting to our IT needs. NetCrunch offers powerful native network mapping and configuration capabilities, both effective and granular. "

  • Genséric Piegay
  • IT Manager
  • Groupe Thermcross

"The features that distinguish NetCrunch from other solutions are its agent-less capabilities and the powerful, customizable dashboard with real-time network views."

  • Amir Fishler
  • System engineering team leader
  • Cellcom LTD

"Thanks to the inheritance function and Monitoring Packs in NetCrunch, laborious configuration of every single node is the past now."

  • Wolfgang Seel
  • Administrator
  • Landkreis Neunkirchen

"The views in new NetCrunch are so easy to follow and work with. The design of the GUI is definitely very intuitive."

  • Yasuhiko Nagahara
  • Manager
  • Information Center, Hiroshima University of Economics, Japan

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