Server Monitoring with NetCrunch

NetCrunch offers complete monitoring for servers. Starting from hardware, virtualization, operating systems, containers and ending on application services.

Complete Server Monitoring

Today, servers are rarely run as separate physical boxes, but even if they do, monitoring the hardware and software components on all levels is even more critical.

In a virtualized environment, the focus shifts more toward proper resource allocation than detecting hardware failures, as usually, there is no single point of failure for the hardware, thanks to fault tolerance clusters.

NetCrunch provides monitoring solutions for all layers regardless of which level of virtualization is implemented in your infrastructure. It can monitor hardware with IPMI, VMWare ESX hosts, Hyper-V hosts, all major operating systems, docker containers, and service applications running on top of it, such as mail server, file server, web server, or databases.

Besides typical performance and health monitoring, NetCrunch also covers monitoring alerts and logs (even text logs from applications).

Identify the root cause of the problem

Server monitoring lets you control your infrastructure in real-time. Each layer of monitoring helps you find the cause of the failure or performance degradation. NetCrunch server monitoring checks the status and performance of each monitoring layer and receives and reacts to events triggered by monitored systems.

Improve Performance & Stability

The main goal of server monitoring is to maintain system stability and uninterrupted operations. Server performance monitoring allows for identifying early symptoms of performance degradation or failures. Server monitoring by NetCrunch can trigger automatic actions in response to received alerts or breached thresholds.

Plan and optimize accordingly

Long-term server performance monitoring allows the collecting of data that one can use for analysis and planning. You can quickly identify trends, patterns, and anomalies thanks to server monitoring. NetCrunch trend analyzer and built-in reporting help managers plan the expansion and optimization of their IT infrastructures.

  • Hardware Health

    Hardware Health Monitoring

    Advanced IPMI Sensor Support in NetCrunch

    NetCrunch elevates hardware monitoring to a new level with comprehensive support for 6 IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) sensors, catering to various server vendors. IPMI is crucial in offering an autonomous monitoring system that functions independently of the host system's CPU, firmware, and operating system, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient hardware monitoring.

    IPMI Monitoring: A Deep Dive

    IPMI offers an unparalleled advantage in remote hardware health monitoring. With specialized monitors, NetCrunch ensures you're always aware of your hardware's status.

    Explore IPMI Monitoring Details

    Our Suite of IPMI Sensors

    Basic IPMI Sensor

    This versatile sensor keeps track of critical hardware parameters like system temperature, fan speed, and power supply voltages, offering a comprehensive overview of your system's health.

    Generic IPMI Sensor

    Tailored to your needs, this sensor monitors all available parameters from your device. Its filtering capability lets you focus on the parameters most crucial to your operations.


    Designed explicitly for IBM IMM devices, this sensor provides detailed insights into all vital metrics, ensuring your IBM hardware is always performing optimally.


    This sensor is adept at monitoring all key metrics from HP iLO devices, offering precise and reliable monitoring for your HP servers.

    Dell iDRAC IPMI

    Get detailed and accurate monitoring of all essential metrics from Dell iDRAC devices. This sensor ensures your Dell servers are under constant surveillance for any signs of issues.

    IPMI Log Sensor

    An essential tool for forensic and proactive monitoring, this sensor retrieves logs from the System Event Log (SEL). The SEL is a critical repository for system events and specific configuration information, providing a historical overview of your hardware's health and activities.

    Why Choose NetCrunch for Hardware Health Monitoring?

    NetCrunch's advanced IPMI sensor support provides a detailed, real-time view of your hardware's health. Whether it's temperature fluctuations, power supply issues, or fan speed irregularities, NetCrunch keeps you informed and prepared. With our intuitive and comprehensive monitoring platform, ensure your hardware's reliability and longevity, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance.

  • Virtualization

    Virtualization Host Monitoring

    NetCrunch: Comprehensive Monitoring for VMware and Hyper-V

    In the ever-evolving virtualization world, staying ahead with robust monitoring is key. NetCrunch rises to the challenge, offering extensive support and monitoring capabilities for both VMware ESX/i and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.

    VMware ESX/i Monitoring

    NetCrunch provides advanced monitoring solutions for all VMware ESX/i versions starting from ver 4.

    Whether you're using vSphere or direct connections to your ESX servers, NetCrunch seamlessly integrates to ensure uninterrupted monitoring.

    Key Features for ESX/i:

    • Alarms and Flags Monitoring Stay informed with real-time alerts and flag status to address issues preemptively.
    • State and Performance Tracking Monitor the health and performance of your ESX/i hosts to optimize your virtual infrastructure.
    • Enhanced Status Views NetCrunch provides specialized views for ESXi machines, including:
      • Hardware Status Get a comprehensive look at your hardware health.
      • Virtual Machines Overview Keep tabs on all your VMs in one place.
      • Datastore Monitoring Ensure your data storage is functioning optimally.

    NetCrunch's intuitive interface allows for automatically adding VMs to the monitoring roster, streamlining your virtual management.

    Hyper-V Support

    NetCrunch extends its monitoring capabilities to Hyper-V, providing robust support for both hosts and virtual machines in these environments.

    Hyper-V Monitoring Features:

    • Performance and Status Monitoring: Detailed insights into the performance and health status of Hyper-V hosts and VMs.
    • Virtual Machines Listing: A dedicated view for easy management and monitoring of all your Hyper-V VMs.
    • Auto-Discovery of VMs: NetCrunch automatically detects and adds new VMs for monitoring, saving you time and effort.

    With NetCrunch's Virtualization Host Monitoring, managing and optimizing your virtual environments has never been easier or more efficient. Embrace the power of proactive monitoring and maintain peak performance across all your virtual hosts.

  • OS Monitoring

    Operating System Monitoring

    Comprehensive Agentless Monitoring by NetCrunch

    NetCrunch offers a robust and efficient solution for monitoring all major operating systems without needing agents. This agentless approach simplifies deployment and maintenance while providing detailed insights into your operating systems' performance.

    Windows Monitoring with NetCrunch

    NetCrunch excels in monitoring Windows servers with an array of features designed for comprehensive oversight:

    • Performance Monitoring Gain real-time insights into the performance of your Windows servers.
    • Custom WMI Monitoring Tailor your monitoring strategy with custom WMI queries for specific data points.
    • SQL Server Monitoring Keep an eye on the health and performance of your SQL Server databases.
    • Event Log Monitoring Track and analyze Windows event logs for critical insights.
    • Process Monitoring Monitor and manage running processes on your Windows servers.
    • Service Monitoring Ensure vital services are running smoothly and efficiently.
    • Hyper-V Monitoring Oversee your virtualized environments with dedicated Hyper-V monitoring.
    • AD Monitoring Keep track of your Active Directory's health and performance.
    • Hardware & Software Inventory Maintain a comprehensive inventory of your hardware and software assets.

    Learn More about WMI Sensors

    NetCrunch also includes ready-to-use monitoring packs for applications like IIS, Exchange, SharePoint, and more.

    Linux Monitoring

    Monitoring Linux systems is seamless with NetCrunch, using an SSH script automatically deployed to remote machines:

    • CPU Monitoring (Automatic) Track CPU utilization and performance.
    • Disk Monitoring (Automatic) Monitor disk usage, swap space, and free volume space.
    • Linux (SNMP): Requires SNMP, monitors CPU load, swap space, and more.
    • Memory Monitoring (Automatic) Keep an eye on available memory resources.
    • Network Traffic (Linux) Collect and analyze network traffic data.
    • Process Monitoring (Linux) Manage and monitor active processes.

    NetCrunch can also execute remote commands or scripts in response to alerts.

    Monitoring Unix Family Systems

    NetCrunch extends its monitoring capabilities to other Unix family systems, including:

    • BSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
    • macOS
    • Solaris

    IBM AIX and AS/400 Monitoring

    Specialized monitoring packs for IBM systems are included in NetCrunch, providing efficient monitoring via SNMP.

    Why Choose NetCrunch for Operating System Monitoring?

    NetCrunch's agentless approach to operating system monitoring offers a streamlined, efficient, and comprehensive solution. NetCrunch provides the tools you need to maintain optimal performance and stability across your IT infrastructure, whether you're managing Windows, Linux, Unix, or IBM systems.

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  • Mail Server

    Mail Server Monitoring

    Comprehensive Email Systems Oversight by NetCrunch

    NetCrunch offers specialized monitoring solutions for various aspects of email systems, ensuring reliable and efficient mail server operations.

    Monitoring Mailbox with Mailbox Sensor

    NetCrunch's Mailbox Sensor is an advanced tool for monitoring mailboxes. It provides insights into:

    • Mailbox Authentication Ensuring secure and successful login processes.
    • Activity Monitoring Tracking mailbox usage and activities.
    • Performance Analysis Assessing the operational efficiency of your mailboxes.
    • Mailbox Size Keep an eye on the storage used and prevent overflows.

    Monitoring Emails with Data Email Sensor

    The Data Email Sensor is a versatile tool in NetCrunch's arsenal, designed to:

    • Alerts Based on Email Content Trigger alerts based on sender, subject, or body of emails.
    • Pattern Matching Utilize simple text patterns or more complex parsing expressions, including regular expressions and scripts, for precise email monitoring.

    Ensuring Mail Server Reliability with Email Round Trip Sensor

    The Email Round Trip Sensor is essential for the following:

    • Functionality Checks Send and receive test emails to ensure mail server functionality.
    • Dedicated Mailbox Use Utilizing a specific mailbox for test emails, automatically removing these emails post-testing.

    Learn More about Monitoring Mail Services

    NetCrunch's mail server monitoring capabilities are bolstered by support for secure connections and protocols, including IMAP4, POP3, and SMTP. This ensures that your email monitoring is efficient but also secure and compliant with modern standards.

    Why NetCrunch for Mail Server Monitoring?

    NetCrunch's dedicated sensors and tools provide a comprehensive and detailed view of your mail server's operations, from mailbox performance to email content monitoring. Whether concerned about security, efficiency, or reliability, NetCrunch offers tailored solutions to keep your email systems running smoothly.

  • File

    File Server Monitoring

    Enhanced Monitoring Solutions for Files, Folders, and Disk Volumes with NetCrunch

    NetCrunch offers robust and versatile monitoring tools designed to oversee every aspect of your file server environment. From individual files to entire folders and disk volumes, NetCrunch ensures the integrity and accessibility of your crucial data.

    File Sensor

    Detailed File Monitoring

    NetCrunch's File Sensor is a multifaceted tool that provides detailed monitoring of files across your network. It supports five standard protocols, offering a range of monitoring options:

    • File Size Monitoring: Keep track of file size changes to detect unexpected modifications.
    • File Change Monitoring: Be alerted to any alterations made to the file.
    • Accessibility Checks: Ensure critical files are always accessible when needed.
    • File Age Monitoring: Monitor the last update time to track file versioning and changes.
    • Diverse System Support: Capable of monitoring files across different systems, the sensor supports FTP/S, HTTP/S, SSH/Bash, SFTP, Windows/SMB, and TFTP protocols.

    Folder Sensor

    In-Depth Folder Content Monitoring

    NetCrunch's Folder Sensor is adept at monitoring the contents of folders across different systems. Its features include:

    • Content Observation: Keep an eye on the activities within specified folders.
    • Alert Triggers: Set up alerts for various conditions, such as file deletions or changes.
    • Cross-System Compatibility: Monitor folders across various systems, thanks to support for FTP/S, HTTP/S, SSH/Bash, SFTP, Windows/SMB, and TFTP protocols.

    Why NetCrunch for File Server Monitoring?

    With its sophisticated Folder and File Sensors, NetCrunch provides a robust solution for monitoring file servers. Thanks to their support for multiple protocols, these tools are designed to adapt to various network environments. Whether you're managing data across different operating systems or through various network protocols, NetCrunch ensures that your file servers are monitored effectively and efficiently. Trust NetCrunch for comprehensive monitoring that keeps your data secure, accessible, and intact.

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  • Web Server

    Web Server Monitoring

    Comprehensive Monitoring Solutions for Apache, IIS, and HTTP Services with NetCrunch

    NetCrunch offers an extensive range of tools for monitoring web servers, ensuring that your web services remain efficient, reliable, and responsive.

    Apache Server Monitoring

    NetCrunch enables detailed performance monitoring of Apache web servers.

    Learn More about Apache Server Monitoring

    • Performance Metrics: Monitor various metrics grouped in objects like Country, Summary, and Virtual Host.
    • Linux Machine Monitoring: Utilize standard Linux monitoring tools to oversee the server hosting your Apache instance.

    Monitoring IIS

    NetCrunch includes a specialized monitoring pack for IIS web servers:

    • Performance Monitoring: Keep track of vital performance metrics of your IIS server.
    • Resource Utilization: Use Windows performance monitoring tools to manage memory and CPU usage effectively.

    Monitoring HTTP Services

    NetCrunch offers a holistic approach to web server monitoring, including the user's perspective.

    Web Page Sensor

    • Realistic Rendering Simulates a web browser by loading resources and running scripts, ideal for monitoring modern web pages or applications.
    • Login Support Handles standard and custom login forms to ensure thorough page monitoring.

    Basic HTTP/s Sensor

    • Request Analysis Sends GET, HEAD, or POST requests and alerts based on response code or content.
    • Customization Allows the setting of custom headers and cookies for tailored monitoring.

    REST HTTP/s Sensor

    • Versatile Requests Can send any HTTP request, including custom ones.
    • Response Monitoring Alerts based on response code or content.
    • Query Parameter Support Easily add URL query parameters for comprehensive testing.

    HTTP/s File Sensor

    • File Content Monitoring Checks remote file content, including authentication parameters.
    • File Metrics Monitors remote text logs, file size, change time, presence, and more.

    Why NetCrunch for Web Server Monitoring?

    NetCrunch's extensive suite of monitoring tools for web servers offers an unparalleled view into your web services' performance and health. From Apache and IIS servers to various HTTP service checks, NetCrunch ensures that your web servers operate at peak efficiency. Whether you're monitoring server performance, user experience, or specific web page functionalities, NetCrunch provides the insights you need for proactive management and maintenance.

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  • SQL

    SQL Database Monitoring

    Advanced Monitoring for Popular SQL Servers with NetCrunch

    NetCrunch offers specialized sensors designed to monitor a range of popular SQL databases effectively. These sensors facilitate not only the measurement of connectivity and query execution but also the processing of result data as metrics or statuses. Supported databases include Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and ODBC.

    SQL Query:Object Sensor

    The SQL Query:Object Sensor is a versatile tool in NetCrunch's database monitoring suite, offering capabilities such as:

    • Single Row Query Execution Execute queries that return a single row, ideal for specific data retrieval or status checks.
    • Connectivity and Authentication Checks Use an empty query to verify database connectivity and authentication, ensuring your database is accessible and secure.

    SQL Query:Data Sensor

    The SQL Query:Data Sensor extends the monitoring capabilities to handle queries that return multiple rows:

    • Multi-Row Query Execution Can handle queries that return multiple rows, providing a broader data overview.
    • Column-Based Metrics Use columns as a source for metrics, enabling detailed analysis and database performance monitoring.
    • Threshold Alerts and Reporting Set up threshold alerts based on metrics and utilize the data for comprehensive reporting.

    Why Opt for NetCrunch for SQL Database Monitoring?

    NetCrunch's SQL Database Monitoring tools are engineered to provide deep insights into your SQL databases' performance and health. Whether it's ensuring smooth connectivity, monitoring query execution, or analyzing results for actionable insights, NetCrunch's sensors are tailored to meet the diverse needs of SQL database environments. This comprehensive approach to SQL database monitoring makes NetCrunch an indispensable tool for maintaining optimal database performance and reliability.

    Discover SQL Query Sensors

  • Docker

    Docker Monitoring

    Advanced Remote Monitoring of Docker Containers with NetCrunch

    NetCrunch introduces a sophisticated approach to Docker container monitoring, leveraging the Docker Engine REST API for comprehensive and remote container management.

    Key Features of Docker Container Sensor

    NetCrunch's Docker Container Sensor is adept at providing real-time insights into your Docker containers. It focuses on monitoring several crucial parameters:

    • CPU Usage Monitoring Keep track of the CPU consumption of your Docker containers to ensure they are running efficiently.
    • Memory Utilization Monitor the memory usage of each container, helping you optimize resource allocation and detect potential memory leaks or overconsumption issues.
    • Network Interface Metrics Track the data transfer with Interface bytes IN/OUT metrics, giving you a clear view of the network performance of your Docker containers.

    Why Choose NetCrunch for Docker Monitoring?

    Utilizing the Docker Engine REST API, NetCrunch's Docker Container Sensor offers a seamless and detailed monitoring experience. This method allows for the remote supervision of Docker containers, providing vital statistics on CPU, memory, and network usage.

    Whether you're managing a few containers or scaling up to a large Docker environment, NetCrunch ensures that you have all the necessary data at your fingertips to maintain optimal container performance and health.

    Explore the Docker Container Sensor

  • Events & Logs

    Monitoring Logs and Events

    Comprehensive Event and Log Monitoring Solutions with NetCrunch

    NetCrunch provides robust tools for monitoring various logs and events across different systems, ensuring you can proactively monitor your server's activities and potential issues.

    Windows Event Log Monitoring

    For Windows systems, NetCrunch offers advanced event log monitoring:

    • Customizable Filtering Collect Windows event log events based on defined filtering rules.
    • WMI Integration Utilize WMI for efficient and detailed event log collection.

    Linux (Unix Family Systems) Monitoring

    NetCrunch facilitates event monitoring for Linux and other Unix family systems:

    • Syslog Reception: Efficiently receive and process Syslog events.

    Explore Operating System Monitoring

    SNMP Event Monitoring

    NetCrunch extends its monitoring capabilities to systems running SNMP:

    • Trap Reception: Capture and analyze SNMP traps.
    • Notification Analysis: Process SNMP notifications for comprehensive event overview.

    Text Log Monitoring

    NetCrunch's text log monitoring capabilities are extensive and versatile:

    • Log Parsing: Parse text logs with pre-defined parsers for formats like Log4j and Apache.
    • Custom Parser Creation: Easily create custom parsers to suit your specific log format needs.
    • Remote Log Processing: Capable of processing logs remotely via SSH connection.

    Learn More about Monitoring Text Logs

    Why use NetCrunch for logs and events monitoring?

    NetCrunch's logs and events monitoring tools are tailored to provide a comprehensive overview of your server's health and activities. Whether through detailed event log analysis, efficient Syslog processing, SNMP event capturing, or versatile text log parsing, NetCrunch ensures you are always informed about your servers' critical events and logs. This level of insight is vital to maintaining operational stability and responding swiftly to potential issues.

  • Custom

    Custom Monitoring

    Tailored Monitoring Solutions with NetCrunch

    NetCrunch offers a versatile and powerful platform for custom monitoring solutions, accommodating a wide range of external performance and status data. By leveraging the flexibility of REST API and various data processing methods, NetCrunch adapts to your unique monitoring needs.

    Advanced Data Processing Capabilities

    NetCrunch excels in processing data from files and HTTP sources, utilizing text parsing expressions and data parsers. This flexibility is key in custom monitoring scenarios, especially when dealing with diverse data formats.

    Text Parsing Expressions**

    Efficiently process text logs and other text data with a variety of parsing methods, including:

    • Regular Expressions
    • CSV (Comma Separated Values)
    • Separated Key-Value Pairs
    • Apache Log Format
    • XPath
    • JSON Path
    • Python Scripts
    • JavaScript

    Custom Scripting with NetCrunch

    NetCrunch's custom scripting capabilities allow for extensive flexibility in data collection and processing:

    • Remote SSH Script Sensor Execute scripts on remote machines via SSH, ideal for environments where direct access is needed.
    • Script Sensor Run scripts directly on the NetCrunch server, which can then use custom methods to connect to and collect data from remote machines.

    Custom Parser Development

    In addition to default NetCrunch formats, you can develop custom parsers to process script output. This allows for tailored data interpretation and integration, ensuring the monitoring data aligns perfectly with your operational requirements.

    Why Choose NetCrunch for Custom Monitoring?

    NetCrunch's custom monitoring capabilities provide you with the tools to create a monitoring solution that fits your specific requirements. Whether you need to process complex data formats, execute remote scripts, or develop custom parsers, NetCrunch offers the flexibility and power to meet your monitoring needs. With NetCrunch, gain unparalleled control over your monitoring strategy, ensuring that your infrastructure and applications always perform optimally.

    Learn more in Data Parsers

NetCrunch Experience

20 Years of experience in Server Monitoring delivers a professional solution at a level not available to the others. NetCrunch can monitor thousands of servers in 1-minute intervals and collect even 1 million metrics on a single NetCrunch Server.

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