NetCrunch System Module

Hardware & Software Inventory for Windows

The module allows collecting inventory data from Windows through WMI. It collects hardware and software components including a patch list. It adds full support for monitoring Windows machines including Windows Event Log and WMI sensors.

The module is part of

it can be added to any NetCrunch platform product.


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The primary purpose of the inventory module is tracking changes to machines hardware, installed software, updates, and hotfixes. You can also compare two nodes to find differences and check the device configuration change over time.


    1. General - This tab contains primary information about the installed Operating System and Hardware.
    2. Hardware - tab contains detailed information about hardware that is installed on the device such as processors, memory, mainboard, ports, etc.
    3. Operating System view contains every information about the system such as version, service pack installed, language, system directory etc.
    4. Hot Fixes view shows which updates were installed on the system and when, You can select the update and choose View Details with right click, a proper web page with information about that update will open.
    5. Software shows information about all installed software. It present installation date and the software publisher details.
    6. Change Log shows the history of changes with detailed change description and date.

Inventory scans can be scheduled to run daily, weekly on monthly at the desired time.

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