NetCrunch Monitoring Platform

Cisco Network Monitoring

NetCrunch monitors various aspects of Cisco powered networks. Out of the box, it supports diverse technologies such as SNMP, NetFlow, IP SLA, NBAR, VoIP and Layer 2 mapping. NetCrunch includes 1200+ pre-compiled Cisco MIB modules.

Everything you need for Cisco monitoring

Cisco powers a large part of networks all over the world and offers many solutions from network management to unified communication and switch management.

NetCrunch provides similar functionality to the Cisco native solutions but extends features to be available for devices from other vendors. It is very unlikely that you have only Cisco devices in your network.

With NetCrunch, you can monitor effortlessly thousands of devices thanks to the program's exceptional performance and policy-based management.

NetCrunch can help you ensure the system health, high performance, connection stability, and application security of your Cisco powered networks.

As part of the Cisco ecosystem, NetCrunch offers out-of-the-box solutions with sensors, monitoring packs, and pre-compiled MIBs.

  • Monitoring Cisco Routers and Switches

    NetCrunch provides pre-compiled MIBs and ready to use monitoring packs to monitor your Cisco devices.

    Cisco Router Monitoring

    Cisco routers are commonly used and prized for their stability and security. NetCrunch allows you to monitor Cisco routers with SNMP and NetFlow. NetCrunch supports NBAR v2 which allows you to monitor the application traffic.

    Cisco Switch Monitoring

    A switch can be a bottleneck in the network. If a Cisco switch is overloaded, the entire network can suffer. Professional switch monitoring is a vital part of network monitoring. NetCrunch allows you to monitor the switch performance and will alert you when a problem arises.

  • Monitoring Packs for Cisco Devices

    NetCrunch provides Monitoring Packs - out-of-the-box monitoring settings for various Cisco devices

    NetCrunch Monitoring Packs allow for efficient management of the monitoring settings. You can use monitoring packs to create monitoring policies by setting node filters. NetCrunch offers ready to use monitoring packs for Cisco monitoring.

    NetCrunch offers hundreds of monitoring packs for various devices, applications, and services.

    NetCrunch Monitoring Packs

    Cisco Hardware Health (automatic)
    Checks if the hardware components (eg fan or power supply) are working properly.
    CPU (automatic)
    Monitor Cisco device processor utilization.
    Memory (automatic)
    Monitor Memory Used, Buffer Allocation Failures.
    Cisco Nexus
    Monitor processor and memory usage, and various hardware statuses of the Cisco Nexus device.
    Cisco CBQoS (SNMP)
    Monitor Class-Based Quality of Service statistics.
    Cisco ADSL (SNMP)
    Creates a report about ADSL statistics.
    Cisco ASA VPN Tunnels
    Creates reports about VPN traffic and Session Statistics.
    Cisco UCS Unified Computing System (SNMP) (automatic)
    Monitors many useful parameters related to the blade, chassis, and physical discs.
    Cisco Unified Communications Manager
    Monitors the Call Manager status and unregistered devices in the network.

    Additionally, you can easily create custom monitoring packs using pre-compiled MIBs or by importing additional MIBs into NetCrunch MIB database.

  • Monitoring Cisco IP SLA Operations

    NetCrunch allows you to monitor Cisco IP SLA operations and alert on their status change. This enables you to monitor SLA and quality of service.

    NetCrunch tracks the status of operations and also performance parameters. It will enable you to monitor VOIP jitter and many other protocols supported by Cisco switch.

    You can read more about monitoring Cisco IP SLA operations in a blog article or check out the documentation topic.

    @Cisco IP SLAoperations

  • Layer 2 Cisco Switch Connection Mapping

    NetCrunch provides the automatic mapping of layer 2 connections.

    NetCrunch topology maps are automatically updated when a new node is added or port connection changes. Layer 2 maps display the status of each device. The connections between switches show actual bandwidth usage.

    NetCrunch supports VLANs and trunks. Additionally, it can use CDP and STP protocols for better visualization.

    This feature is available in the Layer 2 mapping module.

    NetCrunch also presents real-time traffic for the selected switch connection.

    @Interface Status

  • Cisco Switch Port Mapping

    NetCrunch allows you to visualize switch connections on graphical maps. You can search through the list of ports in the grid view.

    With layer 2 visualization module you can see graphical port maps. NetCrunch provides a list of all Cisco switch interfaces, and also a separate window with a list of ports grouped by VLANs.

    Port mapping window gives you quick insight into what's connected and where. It allows you to quickly search through all nodes connected to the switch.

    @Port Mapping

  • Traffic Monitoring with NetFlow & Cisco NBARv2

    NetCrunch supports Netflow v5 and v9, and Cisco NBAR v2 for application traffic monitoring.

    NetCrunch traffic analyzer processes flow data from Cisco devices using such popular protocols as IPFix and NetFlow v5 and v9.

    NetCrunch Flow Analyzer supports multiple sources and multiple protocols, also from vendors other than Cisco.

    NetCrunch presents aggregated dashboards for a group of nodes, and shows detailed data for every node defined in the Atlas (network database).

    NetCrunch supports NBARv2 application monitoring. For devices that do not include Cisco NBAR, you can create custom application definitions in NetCrunch Flow Analyzer.

    Check out Traffic Flow Analyzer Module for more information.

    @Flow Dashboard

  • Cisco Switch Traffic Monitoring

    NetCrunch can track traffic on each switch port and visualize it in real-time.

    NetCrunch presents layer 2 maps with current traffic information and can also visualize traffic volume on each port.

    @Traffic Volume

    When clicking on a single switch connection you can see real-time traffic on the selected connection.

    You can also quickly switch between real-time view and last 24 hours, 7 or 30 days trend charts.

    @Switch Port Traffic

    Read more about Layer 2 Mapping

Comprehensive Monitoring

With NetCrunch you can monitor your whole network, an agent-less and vendor agnostics solution. Hundreds of features and policy-based configuration is the reason why many users switch to NetCrunch.

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NetCrunch Platform

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